What do you see for your future?

Global Pandemic
Natural Disasters
Spend your afternoons diving for fresh lobster
Police State
Spend your days visiting tropical islands
Big Brother
Global Warming
Do you want to wake up in an underground bunker... or here??
Nuclear War
The oceans provide, just ask...
Freak Weather
Relax and enjoy the apocalypse
Martial Law
Super Tornadoes
Enjoy deep-sea fishing for fun and food!
Nuclear War
Weather Events
Fresh tropical fruits are waiting to be gathered
Meteor Impact
Leave the disasters behind
Environmental Collapse
Sail to a place beyond events, beyond trouble
Coconuts can be harvested at nearly any tropical beach
Civil Unrest


It's difficult to free fools from the chains they revere
Are you ready to free yourself?

Times are changing, disasters are coming.

Are you prepared to survive, or prepared to THRIVE!

Disaster preparation does not have to be about living in an underground shelter, or a log cabin deep in the woods. It does not have to be caveman days. It is possible to live comfortably once you leave the beaten path and find your own way.

I find a lot of people have a set expectation of what to do after a disaster, and it usually means running for the hills/woods.

Then what? Live off the land? Sure, it can be done... but it sucks. Not only do I thinks it sucks, so do you! Want proof that YOU think it sucks? Easy... are you doing it right now? If not, it is because you do not want that hard life.

So why not aim for an easy life? One you can have now and continue afterwards.

Catamaran drifting
Author's catamaran drifting on the Yellow Bank, Bahamas.
30km to the nearest land, and all of it 5 meters deep.

My own solution to that problem was to sell our farm and buy a catamaran sailboat. Learning to sail is simple. There are schools that can teach you everything you need to know. I learned mostly by doing, but that is how I learn.

Sure, sailing may not be for everyone. But if you stop and think it out now, you can find a life that you WANT to live, and go do it today. You do not need to have a disaster to go change your life.

This website will help you find your way, and (hopefully) make it enjoyable.

PS. If you have knowledge and information and a willingness to help others, please contact me using the contact form. You can find it on the menu bar at the top of the page.

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