• Checklists


    Arm yourself against the unexpected with our comprehensive 'Checklists' series, meticulously crafted to guide you through diverse survival scenarios. Whether facing the fury of a hurricane or

  • Communication


    Maintain vital connections both ashore and with fellow sailors through our 'Communication' segment. Delve into a spectrum of communication tools and techniques designed to keep you seamlessly

  • Electricity


    Discover methods for generating and conserving electrical power on your sailboat. Explore renewable energy sources, efficient appliances, and backup power solutions to keep your onboard systems

  • Equipment & Supplies

    Equipment & Supplies

    Discover essential gear, tools, and supplies for sailboat survival. Get reviews, recommendations, and insights on the equipment that can make your life at sea more secure and comfortable.

  • Escape & Evasion

    Escape & Evasion

    Navigate the art of elusion and survival in our 'Escape & Evasion' series, where we dive deep into strategies for evading disasters, outmaneuvering potential threats, and executing effective

  • Finance


    Manage your prepper budget effectively. Learn about cost-effective prepping, budgeting for sailboat survival, and maximizing your financial resources for long-term preparedness.

  • First Steps

    First Steps

    Embark on your journey to preparedness with our 'First Steps' series, a comprehensive guide tailored for those taking the initial plunge into the world of prepping. These articles serve as a

  • Fish


    Dive into the bountiful world of sustenance at sea with our 'Fishing' category, where survival meets the art of angling. Explore a wealth of articles that guide you through the essentials of

  • Food


    Explore strategies for sustainable food storage, preservation, and preparation on your sailboat. From fishing and foraging to long-term provisioning, find the best ways to keep your family and

  • Food Preparation

    Food Preparation

    Discover the culinary essentials of survival in our 'Food Preparation' series, where we delve into the art of nourishment, encompassing both cooking techniques and the requisite equipment. These

  • Food Storage

    Food Storage

    Preserve your provisions and fortify your survival pantry with insights from our 'Food Storage' articles. Delve into the strategic world of long-term sustenance as we explore effective methods

  • Gardening & Growing

    Gardening & Growing

    Cultivate self-sufficiency with our 'Gardening & Growing' articles, where the journey towards survival meets the earth's bounty. Explore the transformative world of growing your own

  • Gathering Food

    Gathering Food

    Embark on the forager's journey with our 'Gathering Food' series, where we unravel the art of scavenging sustenance both on land and by the ocean. Dive into a trove of articles that illuminate

  • Infographic

  • Medical


    Ensure the health and safety of your crew with expert advice on first aid, medical supplies, and emergency medical procedures while at sea. Be prepared for medical emergencies during your

  • Mindset


    Survival starts with the right mindset. Delve into the psychological aspects of prepping on a sailboat, including stress management, decision-making under pressure, and maintaining morale in

  • Navigation


    Embark on a navigational odyssey with our series dedicated to the art and science of wayfinding – both on land and at sea. Explore a comprehensive array of articles covering the intricacies of

  • Pets & Animals

    Pets & Animals

    Embark on a journey with our 'Pets & Animals' series, where the bond between humans and our furry, feathered, and finned companions takes center stage. These articles delve into the unique

  • Radiation


    Navigate the complexities of radiation and nuclear preparedness with our dedicated series. These articles delve into the critical aspects of understanding and managing radiation in the context of

  • Rest & Relaxation

    Rest & Relaxation

    Even in survival situations, it's important to recharge. Explore methods for staying mentally and physically refreshed on your sailboat, including downtime activities and stress-relief strategies

  • Sailing


    Dive deep into the world of sailboats, from choosing the right vessel for your prepper needs to maintenance and navigation. Explore the skills required to make your boat a reliable,

  • Security


    Protect your sailboat and crew from potential threats. Learn strategies for self-defense, safeguarding your supplies, and maintaining situational awareness on the open water.


  • Shelter


    In the unpredictable landscape of survivalism, the importance of reliable shelter cannot be overstated. On our prepper haven, we delve into the dual realms of land and sea, exploring the

  • Skills


    Empower yourself with the indispensable skills that form the bedrock of survival in our dedicated 'Skills' section. In this corner of our prepper haven, we delve into the mastery required to

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  • Water


    Learn essential techniques for sourcing, purifying, and conserving water while off-grid. Discover the art of collecting and making seawater potable and finding freshwater sources at sea and on

  • Weather


    Dive into the ever-changing atmospheric dynamics with our 'Weather' series, where the elements become your compass in the journey towards preparedness. Explore a collection of articles that