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First Aid for Seasickness

First Aid for SeasicknessSeasickness, also known as motion sickness, is a common issue experienced by many when aboard a ship or on a boat. It is caused by the motion of the boat on the water which can cause physical discomfort such as dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Seasickness, if not treated properly, can disrupt the normal activities of the travelers and can ruin what could have been a pleasant voyage. Therefore, it is important to know about the different treatments and cures available to battle seasickness and its associated symptoms.

Treating Seasickness

1. Pre-prepared Medicines

There are both over-the-counter and prescription medicines available in the market that can help treat seasickness. These medicines are usually antihistamines or drugs that reduce or stop the motion waves inside the body, which is the cause of seasickness. However, these medicines have certain side effects and should be consumed after consulting with a doctor or pharmacist.

2. Natural Remedies

There are a number of natural ways to treat seasickness. Some of the most effective natural remedies include the consumption of ginger root, which has antinausea properties that help reduce seasickness. Additionally, snacking on carrots and potatoes can also help treat seasickness, as these food items are known to absorb any negative energy waves and help calm the stomach.

3. Acupressure

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy that uses pressure on specific parts of the body to relieve discomfort and pain. The pressure points used in acupressure to treat seasickness, are found on the wrists. Applying pressure on certain specific points on the wrist can help alleviate symptoms of seasickness.

4. Working with the Eyes

One of the most common and effective ways to reduce the symptoms of seasickness is to focus the eyes on a fixed point in the horizon while on the boat. This will help the mind detect the motion of the boat and adjust itself accordingly.

5. Drinking Water

Drinking plenty of water or juices, especially lemon juice, is known to be effective in treating seasickness. Taking frequent sips of water can help to balance the inner fluids in the body and also reduce nausea.

6. Changing Posture

For some people, changing posture from time to time can make all the difference. Sitting in an upright position, reclining the body, or lying on one side can help reduce the discomfort and symptoms of seasickness.

Prevention of Seasickness

Besides providing remedies for treating seasickness, it is important to know how to prevent it in the first place. Here are a few preventive measures that one can take to reduce the chances of coming down with seasickness:

1. Avoid Fatty and Heavy Meals

It is advisable to avoid eating any large meal before or during a boat ride. Instead, one should opt for light snacks and food items that are not too heavy.

2. Limit Drinking Alcohol or Caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine also have a tendency to increase the symptoms of seasickness. Therefore, it is best to avoid their consumption before and during the boat ride.

3. Take some Rest

Tiredness and exhaustion can often worsen the symptoms of seasickness. Therefore, it is important to ensure that one is well-rested before taking a boat ride to avoid any more discomfort at sea.

4. Stay on Deck

It is best to stay out on the deck during the voyage as fresh air can help treat seasickness. Additionally, keeping a watchful eye on the horizon and feeling the waves and currents can also help the body to get used to the motion of the ship.

5. Wear Loose Clothing

Wearing loose clothing will help reduce the pressure from the body and also allow the body to move freely with the motion of the ship.


Seasickness can be a nightmare for many travelers and vacationers. But with the right preventive measures and treatments such as acupressure, natural remedies, and drugs, it is possible to remain healthy and comfortable on the seas. With these tips and treatments for seasickness, one can reach their desired destination without a hitch. #seasickness #treatseasickness #seasicknesstreatment #preventseasickness #seasicknessprevention #naturalremedies

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