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Service Schedule

Service Schedule

You may know from the blog article 'Boat Like An Airline Pilot: Checklists Prevent Human Errors', that I like lists. They make life so much simpler. It's so easy to forget things when you are going by memory, but a simple checklist makes skipping or forgetting steps much more difficult.

The same goes with cleaning and servicing.

Here is the service schedule for our previous catamaran. Our current catamaran with its electric motors is considerably different. You can adjust this to suit your sailboat, car, house, or airplane.

Service Schedule


  • Clean salon windows
  • Clean solar panels


  • Drain fuel pre-filter
  • Check drive belt
  • Clean seawater filter
  • Wash deck
  • Check fresh water level
  • Check diesel levels
  • Check oil level in reverse gear
  • Check oil level in sail drive
  • Check propane levels
  • Check gasoline levels
    • Jerry cans
    • Dinghy
    • 220v generator
    • 120v generator


  • Clean all ports and hatches, check gaskets & operation
  • Service main generators (2)
  • Check steering hydraulic oil: Oil 15 / ISO VG 15


  • Clean Boat
    • Areas:
      • Starboard Side
        • Master Head
        • Master Cabin
        • Storage lockers
        • Office/Bunk room
        • Guest Head
        • Guest Cabin
        • Engine Room
      • Port Side
        • Master Head
        • Master Cabin
        • Storage lockers
        • Office/Bunk room
        • Guest Head
        • Guest Cabin
        • Engine Room
      • Salon
    • Cleaning:
      • Using de-mold agent wash
        • walls
        • ceiling
        • floor
        • outside lockers
        • inside lockers (back, sides, shelves, underside shelf, ceiling, inside of front wall)
      • Launder any clothing found
      • Check food supplies dispose of old & repack as needed
      • Clean bilge with orange cleaner, drain & dry
  • Main Generators, change oil: 3.5 L SAE 15W40, VDS-2 ACEA E5, API CH4, SAE 20W50
  • Main Generators, change filter: Volvo 3840525, Perkins 140517050, Purflux LS801, Technocar R351, FRAM PH3614, PH7575, Fleetguard LF3335, NAPA 107093,
    Mopar L335
  • Replace Fuel Filter: Sierra 18-8126 Volvo 3581078, Perkins 26561117, Purflux CS157A, Technocar N1117, Napa 3166, Fleetguard FF167
  • Replace fuel pre-filter: Parker/Racor S3240TUL Fuel/Water filter
  • Reverse gear, change oil: 0.35 L, CD SAE 15W40 or ATF (Dexron II, III)
  • Lubricate propeller shaft seal
  • S-Drive, change oil: 2.0 L SAE 15W40


  • Check idle speed
  • Check impellers
  • Clean vacuum valve
  • Replace coolant, 4.5 L 50/50 antifreeze
  • Air cleaner, check
  • Heat exchanger, clean

You will notice that where I mention oil or filters, I include the type and amount. This prevents me from having to go searching for the information, it also lists alternative types, which is important when travelling.

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