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Armour as a Bug-Out Vehicle

Armour as a Bug-Out Vehicle
Marauder APC
Marauder APC

When asked for their personal choice for a bug-out vehicle, many arm-chair warriors will select an armoured vehicle. While those armoured vehicles are awesome to look at, and may make great exploration vehicles, they make terrible bug-out vehicles. And you can not live in them any longer than a few days.


  • They can go off-road and travel anywhere within your countries borders.
  • If you get to a closed border, you can ATTEMPT to crash through.
  • They can carry a heavy load of supplies, food and water.


  • They require vast amounts of fuel. No fuel = no moving.
  • They are highly visible and highly suspect.
  • You can only travel in your own country. Especially in a SHTF scenario, it's not (legally) going across the border.
  • If you ever did crash a border or government roadblock, you're easy to find.
  • They can not replenish your water supply.
  • You can't provide food/hunt from them (too noisy).
  • There is no way to live in them (maybe they sleep 2 people, doubt there's a bathroom).
Down-wind is always fun


  • travel without fuel for unlimited range. Literally GLOBAL range!
  • can provide you with electricity from solar, wind, and hydro generators.
  • fresh water from a desalinator and/or rain catcher.
  • comfortable beds in private cabins (I have 4 king beds in private cabins, plus 8 bunks in two cabins).
  • full washrooms with hot showers (I have 4).
  • you can fish while sailing (or while anchored).
  • can travel to any country without crossing countries in between.
  • it's possible to arrive in a country without checking in at the border (it is illegal, and I advise against it, but possible).
  • nondescript. For the most part, one looks just like any other one.
  • the only way to attack one is from another boat. Nobody is sneaking up on you during the night.

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